Master franchise

Master franchise,

Definition of Master franchise:

  1. Arrangement under which a franchiser grants a franchisee the right to appoint sub-franchisees within a specified geographical area.

Meaning of Master franchise & Master franchise Definition

Master Franchise,

Master Franchise means,

  1. This allows companies or individuals to acquire sub-franchise businesses that may be located in specific regions or countries.

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Meanings of Master:
  1. Gain extensive knowledge or skills in (a success, technique or art)

  2. Overcome it.

  3. Make a master copy of (film or recording)

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Sentences of Master
  1. I never mastered Latin

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  7. Master's degree

  8. Mr. James Williams

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  10. Master storyteller's moving story

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  12. Triple pillar

Synonyms of Master

get over, quell, check, tame, prime, subjugate, predominant, suppress, biggest, genius, lord and master, restrain, triumph over, acquire, curb, doyen, most important, grand, vanquish, original, get a grip on, defeat


Meanings of Franchise:
  1. Franchise (for individuals or groups)

  2. A person or group is given a power of attorney by the government or corporation to carry out certain business activities, such as: providing transmission or intermediary services for Company B products.

Sentences of Franchise
  1. Franchise dealer

  2. Toyota franchised the group

  3. The right to vote is limited to Estonian citizens

Synonyms of Franchise

give authorization to, grant leave to, permit, the vote, grant permission to, give leave to, give the right to, grant authority to, right to vote, franchise, allow, authorization, charter, enfranchisement, give authority to, sanction, grant a permit to, grant authorization to, give permission to, grant the right to, warrant, voting rights, give a licence to, grant a licence to