Mass market

Mass market,

Definition of Mass market:

  1. Un-segmented market in which products with mass appeal products (aspirin, orange juice, soft drinks, paperback romances, etc.) are offered to every customer through mass retailers or independent stores, and promoted through mass media.

  2. Market (a product) on a large scale.

  3. The market for goods that are produced in large quantities.

Synonyms of Mass market

Non-specialist, Non-technical, Non-professional, Amateur, Lay, Lay persons, General, Middle-of-the-road

How to use Mass market in a sentence?

  1. Since the demise of the small local breweries, the only beers available have been mass-produced, homogenized, and mass-marketed.
  2. We were trying to appeal to a mass market , so things were a lot different than when we first began doing business.
  3. Mobile technologies have hit the mass market.
  4. The mass market has consistent demand so investing in toothpaste and toilet paper was formally recommended to me by our financial analyst.
  5. Apple developed the new iWatch and recently began a new viral web campaign which shows people using the watch in order to mass market the device to consumers.

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