Masonic Ring Meaning

Masonic Ring Meaning

What does a masonry ring mean? Is it wrong to use it?

From the design details, it looks like the Order of Eastern Star (OES) color. OES is not Freemasonry, but the brotherhood of Master Masons and their relatives and children. Sometimes it is called Freemasonry for women, but this is not entirely true ... Although it is closely related to Freemasonry and based on the same principles, it is a separate organization with very different customs and traditions. With

The ring has no special meaning, unless the user is a member of OES. Your grandparents must have been an assistant member. It may have no special value beyond the weight of metal and stone, but it can have a lot of emotional value for your grandparents. Wearing a ring in public means you are a member ... Since you are not a member at the moment, I do not recommend wearing it because it will not become a nest. If you still want to wear it because you want to feel close to your grandfather, I suggest you tie it around your necklace and wear it under your shirt so you can see it. There is no rule of not using it when you really want to, but why make excuses to become a member when you really don't? Your grandmother was privileged to use you as a member, but you did not.

As Master Mason's grandson, you can join OES if you wish ... if you have a chapter nearby.

Masonic Ring Meaning

Masonic Ring Meaning

East star color

The ring representing it represents the Order of the Eastern Star, which belongs to the Isenon Masonic family, but not to Freemasonry. They are usually sponsored by Masonic Lodge in the United States. This could be with your grandmother, because men and women can be involved if they are Freemasons or have a close relationship (for example, through marriage).

My recommendation is to take good care of the ring and keep it with your luggage or wear it with a chain around your neck. When it's in your hands, Eastern Star people think you're a member and you may have a weird conversation about why you brought it up. It's like wearing a Harvard ring when you've never been to Harvard.

One last thing as a grandson of Ant Keller: You have the right to join Eastern Star if you wish. So you can wear colors with pride.

The ring belongs to the Order of the Eastern Star.

The OES symbol is a five-pointed star whose beam of light points down to the crab. It was to represent the Star of Jerusalem, which brought the three Sufis to the place of Christ. Possibly early ALs are found in this circle in this complex design. Meaning a very beautiful Tusands, really beautiful.

The order refers to the wheat known from the Old and New Testaments, with E and a virtue represented on each point of the star, and an L-like symbol attached to each point.

Ada (Daughter of Jephthah, Judge), a blue dot, means obedience and sacrifice, symbolized by the sword and the veil.

Ruth (widow), the yellow dot, means loyalty and friendship, its symbol is a branch of wheat.

Easter (female), dot e, represents both and courage, its symbols are cross and Rajput.

Martha (Lazarus' sister), green, means self-devotion and belief in the immortality of the soul, symbolized by a broken column.

Electica (Choice Korea, Chosen Woman, Mother), red dot means love and strong faith, its symbol is a cup.

The ring indicates that her grandmother was a member of the Order of the Eastern Star, a feminist associated with Freemasonry. There are so many types it's hard to say.

Using it will let people know that you are also a member.

Keep it as a precious souvenir of your grandparents and if you decide to join us you already have the ring and can wear it later.

It's just a ring, why should you be bad at wearing it?

Masonic Ring Meaning