Martial Law

Martial Law,

What is The Definition of Martial Law?

  1. Martial law is a law administered by the military, not the civilian government. Martial law can be enforced in an emergency or in response to a crisis or to control an occupied territory.

    • Martial law is a law administered by the military and not by the civilian government in general to restore order.
    • In response to a crisis or to control an occupied territory, martial law is declared in a state of emergency.
    • When martial law is declared, civil liberties such as freedom of movement, freedom of expression, protection from improper search, and imprisonment corps laws may be suspended.

Literal Meanings of Martial Law


Meanings of Martial:
  1. It has to do with war or the equivalent of war.

  2. (C: 40 to 104 AD), Roman letters, born in Spain with the Latin name Marcus Valerias Marshall. His 15 epigram books in different meters reflect every aspect of Roman life.

Sentences of Martial
  1. Courage to defend yourself

Synonyms of Martial

soldierly, military, soldier-like, naval, army, service, fighting


Meanings of Law:
  1. A system of rules that recognizes a particular country or community as an act of its members and can be enforced through sanctions

  2. Rules that describe the right behavior or conduct in a game.

  3. A factual statement, derived from observation, is that whenever certain conditions are satisfied, some natural or scientific phenomena are found.

  4. The order of God's commandments is expressed in the Bible or other religious texts.

  5. A mound, usually round or conical.

Sentences of Law
  1. Law breaking case

  2. Sports Law

  3. The Second Amendment Law

  4. Morally, Simon was probably an antinomian, an enemy of Old Testament law.

  5. Today I walked in Northbrook Law

Synonyms of Law

precept, charter, directive, high ground, code, elevation, prominence, ethic, prescription, convention, principle, rules and regulations, tor, constitution, maxim, rise, regulation, rising ground, hummock, mount, commandment, direction, legislation, guideline, certitude, eminence