Marriage Fitness Apology Letter

Marriage Fitness Apology Letter

Has anyone been to the Love Dare or Mort Fertel wedding program? 3

■■■■ program definitely works!

My 24 year old wife told me she no longer loved me, had an affair with one of her former clients, and was about to get divorced. It will break down and we will have to work to find a happy separation from our lives. He was devastated, if not completely traumatized.

I made some really good decisions in the first two weeks after the accident. The decision to join the Marriage Fitness Teleboot Camp as a Lone Ranger was the best. As a result, applying the concept of marriage fitness made me a better person and radically changed the dynamics of our relationship.

As I write this amazing story, two months later my wife broke up the romance and returned to our relationship. We still have a long way to go to fix our lives, but developing our relationship is something I never even thought about two months ago. We are born together and we both love and cherish each other.

It all happened without my wife knowing anything about marital fitness or mortal fertility. I fulfill my commitment to the call and the time I spend working on this material as a self-healing statement. The fact that it has helped fix our marriage is a wonderful side effect that we both enjoy now. I am living proof of Morty's belief that one's actions can change the dynamics of a relationship.

Yeah sure! I have tried everything. Nothing worked until I found Mort Fertil. I was skeptical at first, but I can't say what the show did for me. When I started the show I went through it and tried everything at Mort's request, but I didn't get any results and I was really angry. That was my last resort ... Lily, I'm strong and I can tell you I wouldn't get married without this program. After all, he is my partner and now we are better than ever. It was very easy to accept your advice. Needless to say, we are no longer separated and we owe everything to Mort and Show. I now!

I tried the program at the end of my marriage. I even gave him one year to finally give as recommended by the event. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, but I think some people don't understand it. Other than losing a few dollars, it doesn't matter.

Out of curiosity, what would you like to do to improve your marriage now that it has been abandoned?

This is the largest program in the world. Do you want to get out of there or not? I commend you for your willingness to resolve the issue, but it only works when both parties want and want it. In that case, any marriage can help. Otherwise, none of them will. Best wishes to you!

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Marriage Fitness Apology Letter