Definition of Marks:

  1. Write a word or symbol on (an object) in order to give information.

  2. Indicate the position of.

  3. (of a teacher or examiner) assess the standard of (written work) by assigning points for proficiency or correct answers.

  4. (followed by a numeral) a particular model or type of a vehicle or machine.

  5. A line, figure, or symbol made as an indication or record of something.

  6. A small area on a surface having a different colour from its surroundings, typically one caused by damage or dirt.

  7. (of a player in a team game) stay close to (an opponent) in order to prevent them getting or passing the ball.

  8. A point awarded for a correct answer or for proficiency in an examination or competition.

  9. The act of cleanly catching the ball direct from a kick, knock-on, or forward throw by an opponent, on or behind ones own 22-metre line, and exclaiming ‘Mark’, after which a free kick can be taken by the catcher.

  10. Notice or pay careful attention to.

  11. A target.

  12. Letters, numbers, and/or symbols painted, printed, stamped, written, or otherwise affixed to cargo containers or packages for identification. Marks are the responsibility of the shipper and any back-freight or over-carriage due to wrong or insufficient marks is chargeable to him or her. Also called markings.

  13. Make a visible impression or stain on.

Synonyms of Marks

Assess, Evaluate, Appraise, Correct, Target, Goal, Aim, Bullseye, Objective, Object, End, Purpose, Intent, Intention, Blemish, Streak, Spot, Fleck, Dot, Blot, Stain, Smear, Trace, Speck, Speckle, Blotch, Smudge, Smut, Smirch, Fingermark, Fingerprint, Impression, Imprint, Symbol, Sign, Character, Put ones name on, Name, Initial, Put ones seal on, Label, Tag, Hallmark, Watermark, Brand, Stamp, Earmark, Put ones name on, Name, Initial, Put ones seal on, Label, Tag, Hallmark, Watermark, Brand, Stamp, Earmark, Take heed of, Pay heed to, Heed, Listen to, Take note of, Take notice of, Pay attention to, Attend to, Note, Mind, Bear in mind, Give thought to, Give a thought to, Take into consideration, Take to heart, Discolour, Stain, Smear, Smudge, Streak, Blotch, Blot, Blemish

How to use Marks in a sentence?

  1. She marked all her possessions with her name.
  2. The blow left a red mark down one side of her face.
  3. Hell leave you, you mark my words!.
  4. The top of the pass marks the border between Alaska and the Yukon.
  5. The first syllable has a stress mark.
  6. Each central defender marks one attacker.
  7. Many candidates lose marks because they dont read the questions carefully.
  8. The examiner may have hundreds of scripts to mark.
  9. Free kicks and marks could be required to be taken as kicks, as the name suggests.
  10. He fingered the photograph gently, careful not to mark it.
  11. Few bullets could have missed their mark.

Meaning of Marks & Marks Definition