Definition of Marketing:

  1. The process by which goods and services are transferred from one concept to another. It involves a combination of four elements called 4 marketing ps:

    (1) product identification, selection and development,

    (2) pricing,

    ()) Select the sales channel to reach the customer's location, and

    ()) Development and implementation of an advertising strategy.

    For example, Apple's new products are being developed, including improved systems and applications, at different prices that are affordable to consumers, and where other Apple products are sold. To popularize the device, the company made its debut at a technical event and became popular with the public on the Internet and television.

    Marketing is based on the company's thinking about customer needs and satisfaction. Marketing is different from sales because (in the words of retired marketing professor Theodore C. Levitt) sales include tips and tricks that allow people to exchange money for your product. They don't care what the exchange represents. And you don't see the whole business process as a fully integrated effort to find, create, retain, and meet the needs of consumers, as marketing does. In other words, marketing has nothing to do with the consumers who pay for your product, because it increases the demand for the product and meets the needs of the customer.

  2. Initiatives or activities to promote and sell products and services, including market research and advertising.

Synonyms of Marketing

Unilateral trade, Dealing, Sales, Marketing, Fair trade, Selling, Sales promotion, Catalog buying, High-pressure salesmanship, Free trade, Shopping, Big business, Huckstering, Cornering, Buy, Sellout, Consumerism, Retail, Retailing, Hard sell, Repurchase, Hire purchase, Trafficking, Commerce, Mail-order selling, Soft sell, Consumer research, Merchantry, Purchasing power, Traffic, Market research, Consumer power, Buying, Financial transactions, Trading, Installment buying, Wholesaling, Peddling, Commercial relations, Consumer survey, Buying power, The marketplace, Sales campaign, Trade, Consumer preference study, Mercantile business, Commercial affairs, Low-pressure salesmanship, Small business, Purchase, Jobbing, Business practices, Balance of trade, Commerce, Window-shopping, Coemption, Business, Money illusion, Restraint of trade, Market, Consumer sovereignty, Business dealings, Promotion, Transactions, Business, Rebuying, Wholesale, Purchasing, Dealings, The business world, Multilateral trade, Impulse buying, Buying up, Reciprocal trade, Mail-order buying, Intercourse, Truck, Salesmanship, Emption, Marketing research, Shopping spree, Industry, Direct-mail selling, Merchandising, Business methods, Merchandising, Hawking

How to use Marketing in a sentence?

  1. Of course, selling new trucks requires careful design and systematic marketing because trucks are bad and people generally don't like bad cars.
  2. Maria always knew how to display products in her mother's store, so her decision to study marketing in college was natural.
  3. Failing to find a consistent marketing strategy, the company found that some consumers were informed about its products.
  4. Western art of marketing and sales.

Meaning of Marketing & Marketing Definition


Definition of Marketing:

  1. Marketing refers to the promotion of the sale of a product or service by a company. Marketing involves advertising, sales, and product delivery to consumers or other companies. Part of the marketing is done by the company through affiliates.

    • Marketing refers to any activity that a company performs in promoting and selling services to its customers.
    • Marketing uses a marketing mix, also known as FourPK: product, price, location and promotion.
    • Basically, marketing seeks to adopt a product or service, identify its ideal customer and draw the consumer's attention to the product or service provided.

  2. Promote and / or sell businesses, products, services, etc.

  3. Transferring goods and services from suppliers to consumers.

Meanings of Marketing

  1. Actions or activities to promote and sell a product or service, including market research and advertising.

Sentences of Marketing

  1. Western art of marketing and sales