Marketing Materials

Marketing Materials,

What is Marketing Materials?

  • Printed materials such as brochures, stationery and business cards that you use to market your business.

Literal Meanings of Marketing Materials


Meanings of Marketing:
  1. Initiatives or activities to promote and sell products and services, including market research and advertising.

Sentences of Marketing
  1. Western art of marketing and sales

Synonyms of Marketing

commerce, marketing, business practices, transactions, financial transactions, merchandising, trafficking, business, business methods, trading


Meanings of Materials:
  1. The material from which an object is made or can be made.

  2. Information or ideas that can be used to create a book or other work.

  3. Cloth or cloth

  4. Reference to or contain physical things, not thoughts or spirits.

  5. Important important

Sentences of Materials
  1. Goats can eat as much of any plant material as possible.

  2. Your colonial experience gave you content

  3. A piece of black cloth

  4. Insects do not cause material damage to crops

Synonyms of Materials

temporal, momentous, consequential, textiles, earthly, significant, substantial, lay, matter, important, facts and figures, non-spiritual, physical, secular, tangible, corporeal, subject matter, facts, details, information, medium, of consequence, major, data, cloth, evidence, concrete, real