Marketable Securities

Marketable Securities,

What is The Meaning of Marketable Securities?

  1. Marketable Securities refers to Securities of existing assets are liquid financial instruments that can be converted into cash quickly and at a reasonable price. The liquidity of market securities results from the fact that maturity lasts less than a year and has little effect on the price at which it can be bought or sold.

    • Bonds are assets that can be settled quickly.
    • These short-term liquid securities can be bought or sold on the public exchange or on the public securities exchange.
    • These bonds usually have a maturity of one year or less and can be debt or equity.
    • Market securities include common shares, treasury bills and money market instruments.

  2. Definition of Marketable Securities: Stocks and other interchangeable instruments that can be easily bought and sold on the public exchange or over the counter.

Literal Meanings of Marketable Securities


Meanings of Marketable:
  1. Able or suitable for sale or trade.

Sentences of Marketable
  1. Fish is very marketable in the market

Synonyms of Marketable

saleable, sellable, merchantable


Meanings of Securities:
  1. Danger or danger-free state.

  2. Anything that has been deposited or pledged as a suicide to fulfill obligations or pay off debts will be confiscated in the default condition.

  3. A certificate of ownership of a clear credit, stock or bond, or a commercial derivative.

Sentences of Securities
  1. This system provides maximum protection against toxins.

  2. The money is used as a suicide bombing until the claims are closed.

  3. The new rules make mutual funds, stocks, bonds and other bonds more attractive.

Synonyms of Securities

indemnity, investments, defence, insurance, holdings, provision, security, bonds, prophylactic, surety, shares, pledge, protection, guarantee, cover, precaution, collateral, preventive, guard, securities, safety measure, bond, shelter, buffer, screen, equities