Market Value Of Equity

Market Value Of Equity,

How To Define Market Value Of Equity?

Market cap is the total dollar value of a company's stock and is also called market cap. This measure of company value is calculated by calculating the current share price by the total number of shares issued. Therefore, the market value of a company's stock fluctuates constantly as these two input variables change. It is used to measure the size of a company and to help investors diversify their investments into companies of different sizes and risk levels.

  • The market value of the stock represents what investors think the company is worth at the moment.
  • The market value of a share is equivalent to its market capitalization and is calculated by multiplying the number of shares issued by the current price per share.
  • The market value of the shares changes during the trading day due to price fluctuations.

Literal Meanings of Market Value Of Equity


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