Market Value Clause

Market Value Clause,

Market Value Clause Meanings:

Property or driver insurance that does not use market value (actual current value (ACV) or replacement value (RC) value) as the basis for assessing secured property. It is commonly used in connection with agricultural products and other goods, the price of which depends on the exchange of goods. It is also sometimes used as a basis for evaluating a building.

A simple definition of Market Value Clause is: A property insurance clause that specifies the value of goods sold at market value and not at the purchase price, thus adding the proceeds from the sale to recover the loss.

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Market Value Clause,

Market Value Clause:

  • An agreement (not agreed in all states) that in the event of a loss, the stock price should be at the selling price (whether sold or not). This clause is limited to shares, which can be valued at any time if traded on a stock exchange.

Literal Meanings of Market Value Clause


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