Market Research (or Marketing Research)

Market Research (or Marketing Research)

Collection and analysis of data related to markets or customers, any research that leads to a better understanding of the market and more informed decisions.

Literal Meanings of Market Research (or Marketing Research)


Meanings of Market:
  1. A gathering of people to buy and sell goods at specified times, often periodically.

  2. A town square or other fairly spacious place where sellers set up stalls and buyers browse for wares.

  3. Convenience store.

  4. A pool of potential customers for your product.

  5. Geographical area where there is a particular commercial demand.

  6. A formally organized, sometimes monopolistic system for trading certain goods or values.

  7. The total amount exchanged while exchanging individuals for specific products.

  8. The price at which something is sold in the market, that is, its value.

  9. Trade in the market to buy or sell food or goods to get a good deal.

Sentences of Market
  1. The privilege of holding a weekly market was invaluable to any feudal trading city.

  2. On the way home, go to the market and buy some milk.

  3. We believe that the market for the new widget is for older owners.

  4. Foreign markets have been lost as our currency has risen against its value.

  5. With the advent of internet markets, the stock market is no longer monopolized by crowded national exchanges.

  6. We hope to launch an eco-friendly model in the next quarter.


Meanings of Research:
  1. Careful research or testing to establish facts, principles, theories, applications, etc. Diligent or continuous search for the truth.

  2. A special case or subject of study.

  3. Search or research with constant dedication to search diligently.

  4. Conduct a thorough investigation.

  5. Search again.

Sentences of Research
  1. The research station where and his team are located is on the outskirts of Lijiang, a city of about 1.2 million inhabitants.


Meanings of Or:
  1. Connect at least two word choices, phrases, sentences, sentences, etc., each of which can make the passage true. In English it is inclusive or. The exclusive or is formed [...] or.

  2. (Wiktionary and WMF jargon) Original research initials.

Sentences of Or
  1. He could have cancer, or he could get hit by a bus, or knows what.


Meanings of Marketing:
  1. Trade in the market to buy or sell food or goods to get a good deal.

Sentences of Marketing
  1. We hope to launch an ecological model before the next quarter.

Market Research (or Marketing Research)