Market Penetration Price

Market Penetration Price,

Market Penetration Price: What is the Meaning of Market Penetration Price?

Market Penetration Price refers to When a new product is first introduced, it is marketed to attract customers at low prices. After that, the price usually goes up.

Literal Meanings of Market Penetration Price


Meanings of Market:
  1. Regular meetings of people to buy and sell food, livestock and other products.

  2. An area or environment where business transactions take place.

  3. Advertise or promote (some)

Sentences of Market
  1. Farmers went to the market

  2. Job vacancies market

  3. This product is marketed under the name "Aspirin".

Synonyms of Market

sell, retail, offer for sale, put up for sale, vend, merchandise, trade, peddle, hawk


Meanings of Penetration:
  1. An action or process that you perform or become something.

  2. Successful sale of a company or product from a country in a specific market or region.

  3. Understanding complex issues.

Sentences of Penetration
  1. Plants grow in clear, calm waters that are well ventilated by the sun

  2. The investigation is smooth and accurate

Synonyms of Penetration

perforation, piercing, puncturing, puncture, riddling, stabbing, prick, pricking, probing, goring, spiking, sticking, impaling, impalement, transfixing, transfixion, boring, drilling, lancing, tapping, insight, discernment, perception, perceptiveness, intelligence


Meanings of Price:
  1. The amount of money expected, demanded, or given as payment for something.

  2. In order to achieve the desired goal, conditions are situations as unpleasant experiences, events or actions

  3. Determine the amount of payment required (something to sell).

Sentences of Price
  1. Land can be sold at a higher price

  2. The value of your success is discussed throughout the day

  3. The cost of watches in this range is 14.50

Synonyms of Price

cost, asking price, selling price, charge, fee, terms, payment, rate, fare, levy, toll, amount, sum, total, figure, consequence, result, penalty, sacrifice, forfeit, forfeiture, fix the price of, set the price of, put a price on, value, evaluate, assess, estimate