Market Exposure

Market Exposure,

Market Exposure: What is the Meaning of Market Exposure?

  1. Market exposure refers to the percentage of dollar funds or portfolios invested in a particular type of security, market sector or industry. Market exposure is generally expressed as a percentage of the total portfolio, such as 10% of the exposed portfolio in the oil and gas sector.

    • Market exposure is the ratio of your assets to a security category, sector or geographic market.
    • Market exposure can be broken down in different ways to better understand the risks faced by investors in different types of markets.
    • Measuring and weighing the market risk of all assets in a diverse portfolio is an important aspect of overall risk management.

Literal Meanings of Market Exposure


Meanings of Market:
  1. Advertise or advertise (something)

  2. The area or environment in which business transactions take place.

Sentences of Market
  1. Farmers go to the market

  2. There is a vacancy

Synonyms of Market

retail, offer for sale, trade, put up for sale, peddle, vend, sell, merchandise, hawk


Meanings of Exposure:
  1. The state of being related to something.

  2. Disclosure of identities or facts, especially those that are hidden or disliked

  3. Exhibition of photographic film on light image or other radiation.

  4. The direction facing the building in view.

Sentences of Exposure
  1. Dangers of asbestos exposure

  2. A camera that immediately exposes. Provides an image later

  3. The exhibition is perfect: a slight slope to the southwest

Synonyms of Exposure

view, showing, revelation, subjection, uncovering, display, submission, direction, unmasking, disclosure, laying open, frontage, manifestation, aspect, exhibition, unveiling, outlook, vulnerability