Mark down

Mark down,

Definition of Mark down:

  1. Temporary reduction in the selling price of an item to stimulate its demand or to drive a competitor out of the market. Permanent markdowns are created to remove a slow-selling item from the inventory.

  2. Judge someone to be a particular type of person.

  3. (of a teacher or examiner) reduce the number of marks awarded to a student, candidate, or their work.

  4. (of a retailer) reduce the indicated price of an item.

Synonyms of Mark down

Beat down, Book, Break, Calendar, Carve, Catalog, Chalk, Chalk up, Cheapen, Check in, Chronicle, Clip, Cut, Cut back, Cut down, Cut prices, Decline, Decry, Deflate, Depreciate, Devaluate, Devalue, Dive, Docket, Downgrade, Engrave, Enroll, Enscroll, Enter, Fall, Fall in price, File, Fill out, Give way, Grave, Impanel, Incise, Index, Inscribe, Insert, Jew down, Jot down, List, Log, Lower, Make a memorandum, Make a note, Make an entry, Make out, Matriculate, Minute, Nose-dive, Note, Note down, Pare, Place upon record, Plummet, Plunge, Poll, Post, Post up, Put down, Put in writing, Put on paper, Put on tape, Record, Reduce, Reduce to writing, Register, Sag, Set down, Shave, Slash, Slump, Tabulate, Take down, Tape, Tape-record, Trim, Underprize, Undervalue, Videotape, Write, Write down, Write in, Write off, Write out, Write up, Reduce, Decrease, Lower, Cut, Put down, Take down, Discount

How to use Mark down in a sentence?

  1. She had marked him down as a liberal.
  2. I was marked down for having skipped the last essay question.

Meaning of Mark down & Mark down Definition