Mark Do

Mark Do,

Mark Do Meanings:

  1. WN - Discounts are applied to a product during a promotion or sale to attract sales or to transport additional or discontinued products.

Literal Meanings of Mark Do


Meanings of Mark:
  1. Make visible prints or fumes.

  2. Usually write a word or symbol (object) for identification purposes.

  3. Indicates the position of

  4. (A teacher or examiner) evaluates the level (written work) by giving points for skill or correct answers.

  5. Pay attention or pay special attention.

  6. (A player on a team) stands (close to a particular opponent) to get the ball or prevent it from passing.

  7. A small area on the surface that is different in color from its surroundings and is usually caused by an accident or damage.

  8. A line, icon, or symbol used to represent or record something.

  9. A point is given for a correct answer or performance in a test or competition.

  10. (After number) Specific model or type, vehicle, engine or device.

  11. A target

  12. The German base currency unit (until the introduction of the euro) corresponds to 100 puffins of the doistmark or even a starmark before it.

  13. The coin of Old England and Scotland was equal to thirteen shillings and four pence in daily currency.

Sentences of Mark
  1. He touched the picture lightly, being careful not to mark it.

  2. He marked all the marks with his name

  3. The upper part of the pass marks the border between Alaska and the Yukon

  4. Teachers have plenty of time to get the session right

  5. Hell will leave you, mark my words!

  6. Every defender gets an attacker

  7. The blow left a red mark on his face

  8. The first letter has an accent

  9. Many candidates lose points if they do not read the questions carefully.

  10. Some bullets may miss the target

  11. Germany spent billions to save the French franc from speculation

  12. Sir William left 500 marks for road works in Cambridge

Synonyms of Mark

assess, discolour, take to heart, stamp, label, take heed of, dot, imprint, purpose, give a thought to, watermark, note, earmark, aim, streak, speck, correct, character, attend to, name, intent, smut, fingerprint, heed, bear in mind


Meanings of Do:
  1. Perform (a correct and often uncertain action)

  2. Hit or kill

  3. Do or act in a certain way.

  4. Appropriate or acceptable.

  5. Hit or kill

  6. It is used before the verb (exception, may, must, must) in negative questions and statements.

  7. It is used to indicate a previously mentioned verb.

  8. It is used to emphasize positive action.

  9. When the stressed sentence begins in a sentence related to the verb, it is used with the subject and the verb inverted.

  10. Short for hair

  11. Parties or other social events.

Sentences of Do
  1. Very little has been done in this area.

  2. You can do whatever you want

  3. If it's like you, fuck you

  4. Is a pet

  5. Looks better than before

  6. I want to answer that

  7. They seldom give up

Synonyms of Do

implement, be satisfactory, gathering, event, conclude, complete, finish, be good enough, be of use, social occasion, pass muster, execute, social event, behave, accomplish, be acceptable, affair, perform, undertake, act, reception