MARINE means,

  1. Transportation insurance covers damage to Marine Hill ships and vessels, as well as the risk of loss of cargo and marine goods during transit. Marine freight insurance is sometimes divided into inland marine, which covers cargo and cargo between places without the need for freight, and Ocean Marine, which covers cargo and cargo that is subject to voyages. ۔ Ocean freight policies are issued in different forms depending on the shipping, shipping company, charter, consignment, etc.

  2. It refers to transportation by sea or that route and is generally divided into sea transport and land transport.

Meanings of MARINE

  1. A member of a corps of soldiers trained for ground or naval services, specifically a member of the US Marine Corps.

  2. From the sea, discovered or produced.

Sentences of MARINE

  1. A contingent of 2,000 Marines

  2. Seaweed

Synonyms of MARINE

saltwater, sea, seawater, aquatic, oceanic

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