Marginal revenue

Marginal revenue,

Definition of Marginal revenue:

  1. Increase in the gross revenue of a firm produced by selling one additional unit of output.

  2. The revenue gained by producing one additional unit of a good or service.

How to use Marginal revenue in a sentence?

  1. If all you have been able to come up with recently is marginal revenue it may be time to try out a new venture.
  2. If you are only having marginal revenue you may need to try and come up with some ways to grow your profits quicker.
  3. The marginal revenue of carrying an individual passenger far exceeded marginal cost.
  4. Selling one more unit of their latest smartphone model -- or one less -- really made no difference in the bottom line and amounted to nothing more than marginal revenue for the troubled tech company.

Meaning of Marginal revenue & Marginal revenue Definition