Marginal Propensity To Save (MPS)

Marginal Propensity To Save (MPS),

What is The Definition of Marginal Propensity To Save (MPS)?

  1. In Kenyan economic theory, a modest rate of savings (MPS) refers to the ratio of total growth in income to spending on the use of goods and services. In other words, the slightest risk to saving is the ratio of savings to extra dollars that are not spent. MPS is a component of Kenyan macroeconomic theory and is calculated as a complement to the modified rate of consumption (CPM) resulting from a change in savings divided by a change in income.

    • The slightest risk to saving is the proportion of income growth that is in savings and not spent on consumption.
    • MPS varies depending on the level of income. MPS is usually higher for higher gains.
    • The MPS helps determine the Kenyan multiplier, which describes the impact of rising investment or public spending as an economic stimulus.

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