Definition of Margin:

  1. Commodity trading: Difference between the spot price and forward price quoted for a commodity.

  2. Currency trading: Difference between the spot price and forward price quoted for a currency.

  3. Securities trading: Difference between the amount of loan advanced by a stockbroker to a speculator and the current value of the securities deposited by him or her with the stockbroker as collateral.

  4. Banking: (1) Difference between the market value of a collateral and amount of the loan advanced against it. Also called haircut. (2) Percentage added to a market rate of interest, or subtracted from a market rate of deposit, to provide a return to the bank.

  5. Commerce: Difference between the cost price and selling price of a product.

  6. Futures trading: Security deposit that buyers and sellers must place with the clearing house to guaranty they will perform as agreed (to make or take the delivery) on or before the futures contracts expiration date.

Synonyms of Margin

Abut, Adjoin, Aesthetic distance, Air space, Allowance, Ample scope, Balance, Bank, Befringe, Bind, Blank check, Board, Bonus, Border, Bordure, Bound, Boundary line, Bounds, Brim, Brink, Brow, Caesura, Carte blanche, Caution, Caution money, Clearance, Coast, Collateral, Collateral security, Compass, Connect, Deep space, Delicacy, Delicate distinction, Deposit, Depths of space, Differentia, Differential, Discontinuity, Distance, Distance between, Distinction, Divergence, Dividend, Double space, Edge, Elbowroom, Em space, En space, Enframe, Exhaust price, Extent, Extra, Farness, Featheredge, Field, Fine point, Flange, Forfeit, Frame, Free course, Free hand, Free play, Free scope, Freeboard, Freedom, Fringe, Frontier, Full scope, Full swing, Gratuity, Hair space, Hairline, Half space, Headroom, Hem, Hiatus, Infinity, Interim, Intermediate space, Interruption, Interspace, Interstice, Interval, Join, Jump, Labellum, Labium, Labrum, Lacuna, Lagniappe, Lap, Latitude, Leap, Ledge, Leeway, Leftover, Length, Light-years, Limb, Limbus, Limits, Line, Lip, List, Long rope, Maneuvering space, March, Marge, Marginate, Mileage, Minimum, Narrow margin, Neighbor, Nice distinction, Nicety, No holds barred, Nuance, Open space, Outline, Overage, Overmeasure, Overplus, Overrun, Overset, Overstock, Oversupply, Parsecs, Particle of difference, Perimeter, Periphery, Perspective, Piece, Play, Plus, Point of difference, Pourboire, Purfle, Purl, Ragged edge, Range, Reach, Refinement, Remainder, Remoteness, Rim, Room, Room to spare, Rope, Scope, Sea room, Selvage, Separation, Set off, Shade of difference, Shoestring margin, Shore, Side, Sideline, Single space, Skirt, Something extra, Space, Space between, Span, Spare, Spare room, Stake, Stretch, Stride, Subtle distinction, Subtlety, Surplus, Surplusage, Surround, Swing, Thin margin, Time interval, Tip, Tolerance, Touch, Trim, Trimming, Verge, Way, Ways, Wide berth, Wide margin

How to use Margin in a sentence?

  1. Buying stock on margin can be risky, because the money the buyer is borrowing can lead to big losses if the market moves against him.
  2. The company needed to either cut costs of production or raise sale price of the particular product to raise the margin amount because their bank accounts were being emptied.
  3. The accountants were concerned about the loan being offered by the bank, but the CFO thought it was a reasonable margin , given the collateral.

Meaning of Margin & Margin Definition