Margin Of Solvency

Margin Of Solvency,

How To Define Margin Of Solvency?

  • You can define Margin Of Solvency as, This is a buffer for insurers against investment risks. This is the amount at which insurers can be reasonably assessed in addition to similar liabilities and obligations.

Literal Meanings of Margin Of Solvency


Meanings of Margin:
  1. Set boundaries or boundaries.

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Sentences of Margin
  1. The leaves are described in yellow

  2. New contracts include revenues from existing contracts

  3. East coast of the Indian Ocean

  4. Convinced to win with a lead of 17 points

Synonyms of Margin

amount, majority, side, rim, periphery, boundary, bound, measure of difference, brim, verge, fringe, extremity, perimeter, border, bank, edge, difference, degree of difference, brink, limits, gap


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Meanings of Solvency:
  1. Owning assets is more than debt solvency.

Sentences of Solvency
  1. The company believes that solvency can be maintained