Marcus Belby

Marcus Belby

Who is Marcus Belby in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince?

Marcus Belby is a slender, easy-going guy who was introduced to Harry in Slugger's car on the way to Guarts by train, but never entered the Slug Club because he and he stopped talking He was in contact with his famous father when Sulgurns was lost. In the last few years.

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Harry prepares for the final battle between a teenager's emotional conflicts and tensions.

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Marcus Belby

He is one of the best raven clauses of the slug club.

Talk about it on pages 137-138:

He describes her as thin and nervous ... So Sullivan offers him a change and accepts Belby ... So Sullivan says he told his uncle Democles that he had received a mission from Merlin and Looks like I found Wolf's Ben Ion. . Then Sullivan asked Belby if he saw his uncle often and Belby's spokesman said: No ... not much, no, and he doesn't get along with his uncle ... and it's all his. Besides, he sucks. I am too .. ah ..

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Marcus Belby