Maquina De Lavar Não Centrifuga

Maquina De Lavar Não Centrifuga

My machine for washing all faces or processes, just name or rotation, usually yes, but rotation? 3

I usually wash clothes and when I apply them as a line of clothes I know that the machine has completed the whole process but now it is not centrifugal. I will call my Electrolux machine and 3 year old, tomorrow or the technician, prepare the price of articles in rupees. It may be more or less an idea and how much does it cost or does it work?

I wish you all a good night, and I promise you.

After passing through my machine, the problem does not arise or the problem is not to jump on and open the Centrigao, open the Tampa I turned it on directly and the Centriga normally

It is possible to configure the intervention, whether it is Mac or internal servo, it takes about 5 minutes and no part is required.

They could be other things, such as solenoids (making an electromagnet that pulls like sticks) or a loose belt.

This ■■■■, I made a video is the problem. Older Wiring Exchange Selectors Common Wire Wind Selectors do not replace the two Prestato wires in the Common Wire Exchange.

My machine © electrolux ltr10 does full operation or if it does not rotate.

Pressing the plate already and constantly with the same error or technical drawing

You can test it just like the other peas and they are all working. Where?

If this is your machine for electronics or uador, on the same board or wire around it, it may be alone or I have left it, you can learn a lot from this video course which I will complete. I suggest

As an Electrolux technician you can be 99% sure that your brake driver may have a problem and you will spend about 110 reais.

Maquina De Lavar Não Centrifuga