Manuscript Form Or Policy

Manuscript Form Or Policy,

How Do You Define Manuscript Form Or Policy?

  1. A specific insurance form tailored to the specific policyholder.

Literal Meanings of Manuscript Form Or Policy


Meanings of Manuscript:
  1. A book, document or song written instead of typing or printing.

Sentences of Manuscript
  1. A literary version

Synonyms of Manuscript

document, text, script, paper, typescript


Meanings of Form:
  1. The visible shape or arrangement of something.

  2. A special form in which an object exists or appears.

  3. The type or variation of something.

  4. The general or correct method or procedure that is usually followed.

  5. The shape, frame or block in which something is hidden.

  6. A printed document with spaces to enter information.

  7. Grade or year in school, usually with a special number.

  8. The condition of the athlete or sports team in relation to their current level of performance.

Sentences of Form
  1. The shape, color and texture of the tree

  2. Your own obsession with compulsory training

  3. Sponsorship is a form of advertising

  4. Excessive concern about legal and precedent

  5. Registration form

  6. The fifth method

  7. The disease affects its form

  8. The interior of this shelter is dark and you have to find a seat in a wooden frame without a backrest.

  9. The company was founded in 1982

Synonyms of Form

shape, configuration, formation, conformation, structure, construction, arrangement, disposition, appearance, outward appearance, outward form, exterior, manifestation, embodiment, incarnation, semblance, guise, character, description, expression, kind, sort, type, order, class, classification, category, variety, genre


Meanings of Or:
  1. Used to connect alternatives.

  2. Offering synonyms or explaining previous words or phrases.

  3. If not (represents the consequences of not doing or not doing)

  4. Usually in the form of a question, provide a reflection.

  5. This

  6. A Boolean operator that has at least one operand (or input) and otherwise zero.

  7. Heraldic texture as golden or yellow.

  8. Operational research.

  9. Oregon (in postal use)

Sentences of Or
  1. A cup of tea or coffee

  2. Spy novel or, as the trade is known, suspension

  3. Hurry up or you will lose everything

  4. John's indifference, right? - He got confused

  5. The only way to know God or human beings is through love

Synonyms of Or

or else, or, if not


Meanings of Policy:
  1. A principle or principle of action adopted or proposed by a government, party, company or individual.

Sentences of Policy
  1. Controversial economic policy administration

Synonyms of Policy

plans, strategy, proposed action, blueprint, approach, scheme, stratagem, programme, schedule, code, system, guidelines, intentions, notions, theory, line, position, stance, attitude