Manuscript Certificate Of Insurance

Manuscript Certificate Of Insurance,

Definition of Manuscript Certificate Of Insurance:

  1. Manuscript Certificate Of Insurance means, Atypical documents proving the need for insurance coverage by the certificate holder in the contract with the insured. Certificates written on insurance forms are sometimes written for the purpose of overcoming the limitations of standard insurance certificates. They are often rejected because they need more information or because they impose more legal liability on the party issuing the insurance certificate.

Literal Meanings of Manuscript Certificate Of Insurance


Meanings of Manuscript:
  1. Books, documents or music written instead of typing or printing.

Sentences of Manuscript
  1. A literary version

Synonyms of Manuscript

text, document, script, paper, typescript


Meanings of Certificate:
  1. Official documents that prove some facts.

  2. Provision or certificate in official documents.

Sentences of Certificate
  1. The customer will receive a certificate stating that their content has expired.

  2. The amount earned must be verified by the employer

Synonyms of Certificate

certification, diploma, document, voucher, licence, authorization, guarantee, credentials, accreditation, testimonial, proof, warrant, authentication, verification


Meanings of Of:
  1. Represents the relationship between two entities, usually one of an association.

  2. It shows the relationship between the address and the historical landmark.

  3. Express the relationship between a general type or type and the specific items that fall into this category.

  4. Derived from or associated with a verb.

Synonyms of Of

from, by, in, carried out by, of, done by, caused by, made by


Meanings of Insurance:
  1. The methods or contracts used by companies or government agencies provide a guaranteed compensation for certain losses, injuries, illnesses or deaths in return for the payment of premiums.

  2. Something to protect against possible emergencies.

Sentences of Insurance
  1. Many new lenders buy unemployment or health insurance

  2. Maintaining a high standard of personal conduct is an excellent guarantee against personal problems.

Synonyms of Insurance

provision, shelter, surety, cover, financial protection, immunity, protection, precaution, safety measure, defence, security, safeguard, preventive measure, indemnification, indemnity