Manufacturing Resource Planning

Manufacturing Resource Planning,

Manufacturing Resource Planning: What is the Meaning of Manufacturing Resource Planning?

  • Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II) is an integrated system of information used by companies. Production Resource Planning (MRP II) is developed from the initial MRP (Material Needs Planning) system and involves the integration of additional data, such as financial and employee needs.

    • Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II) is an integrated system of information used by companies.
    • MRP II is an extension of the Material Requirements Plan (MRP).
    • MRP and MRP II are considered pioneers of enterprise resource planning (ERP).

Literal Meanings of Manufacturing Resource Planning


Meanings of Manufacturing:
  1. Mass production of products from industrial production machines.


Meanings of Resource:
  1. Accumulation or storage of money, materials, personnel and other assets that an individual or organization can use effectively.

  2. Steps or strategies that can be taken in effective situations.

  3. Leisure work

  4. Provide the necessary equipment, money, personnel and other assets to run (a person or organization) effectively.

Sentences of Resource
  1. The local government complained of a lack of resources

  2. Sometimes, anger is the only way out

  3. Make sure primary health workers have the resources.

Synonyms of Resource

divertissement, artifice, pastime, entertainment, expedient, recreation, pursuit, amusement, tool, stratagem, money, machination, assets, plot, funds, resort, means, method, measure, riches, manoeuvre, agency, scheme, capital, course, activity, wealth


Meanings of Planning:
  1. The process of planning something.

Sentences of Planning
  1. Large-scale production methods require detailed planning.

Synonyms of Planning

working out, drafting, preparation, setting up, groundwork, forethought, preparations, arrangement, organization, design, designing