Manufacturers And Contractors Liability (M&C)

Manufacturers And Contractors Liability (M&C),

Manufacturers And Contractors Liability (M&C) Meanings:

  • You can define Manufacturers And Contractors Liability (M&C) as, Risk of manufacturer's and contractor's facilities and operations that could lead to third party personal or material harm due to negligence in their day-to-day activities.

  • A form of insurance that covers the liability of the insured for loss of personal or property (other than the insured employee) inside or outside the insured. This form is commonly used for policyholders whose activities are outside their own facilities or a major contract, for example B to heating, plumbing or electrical installers. Bonuses are usually based on salary, but in some cases, receipts. No protection is provided against damage to property that is owned, rented or cared for, insured or controlled by insurers. For example, if a blind installer accidentally bumps into a customer's lamp while bringing it into the installation room, the ceiling is abandoned for the simple reason that the light is not owned, rented or maintained. Is. Detention or control of the insurer. Protection of completed operations is also not included. (See Operation Complete.)

Literal Meanings of Manufacturers And Contractors Liability (M&C)


Meanings of Manufacturers:
  1. The person or company that makes the product for sale.

Sentences of Manufacturers
  1. Manufacturers deliver goods to distribution centers

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Sentences of Liability
  1. She gave birth to a healthy baby and the interviewers are responsible for the inattention.

  2. The difference between responsibility for action and responsibility for negligence is well known.

  3. There is no legal impediment to the right of the people to be responsible for the personal actions of their representatives.

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