Manufactured (mobile) Home

Manufactured (mobile) Home,

How To Define Manufactured (mobile) Home?

Manufactured (mobile) Home refers to A structure built on a strong structure that is delivered to the site in one or more parts and stored on a strong base. This term does not include recreational vehicles.

Literal Meanings of Manufactured (mobile) Home


Meanings of Manufactured:
  1. Extensively manufactured by machine.

  2. Invented (from evidence or stories).


Meanings of Mobile:
  1. Decorative structures that hang freely in the air.

  2. Internet access can be achieved through smartphones or other mobile devices, especially when considering the market segment.

  3. It can move or move freely or easily.

  4. Applies to cell phones, laptop computers and similar technologies.

  5. You can easily or freely switch between profession, place of residence or social class.

  6. An industrial and port city on the south coast of Alabama with a population of 191,022 (estimated at 2008) is located at the end of Mobile Bay, at the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico.

Sentences of Mobile
  1. Colorful cell phone filmed from the ceiling

  2. It's a big weight problem and it's not very mobile

  3. Next generation cellular cellular network

  4. An increasingly mobile and polarized society

Synonyms of Mobile

moving, adjustable, versatile, adaptable, transplantable, on the move, changing, able to move around, ambulatory, ambulant, walking, flexible, able to move, fluid


Meanings of Home:
  1. A place where you live permanently, especially as a family or household member.

  2. A facility for people who need professional care or supervision.

  3. A goal or end point (in sports).

  4. Regarding where we live

  5. (Sports) A game played on a field or team field.

  6. Name of the organization's administrative center.

  7. Where or where we live.

  8. After leaving (the animal), return to your area naturally.

Sentences of Home
  1. I left home and went to college when I was 19 years old.

  2. Rest house

  3. It is four doors from your house

  4. I don't have your personal address

  5. This is your first home game of the season

  6. The company changed its headquarters

  7. When did you come home last night

  8. A dozen gases on their way to their summer nesting sites

  9. More than 100 missiles were fired, urging radar removal

Synonyms of Home

highlight, pinpoint, aim at, property, zero in on, a roof over one's head, rest home, nursing home, residential home, fix on, centre on, accommodation, convalescent home, focus attention on, old people's home, underline, institution, spotlight, place of residence, children's home, concentrate on, focus on, retirement home