Definition of Manual:

  1. Organ keyboard is played manually.

  2. Manual transmission vehicles

  3. Bound or handmade

  4. Controlled or manipulated by a human operator (not like a computer automatically) or transmitted by human or animal muscle forces (nor by any energy-driven energy source such as an electric motor, gasoline engine or cell) ۔

  5. Manual, especially for operating machines or study articles, manuals

  6. Complete step-by-step guides on specific topics for beginners and professionals, who also serve as reference guides. A manual describes what is provided and what is needed, how to apply the information presented, and how to correct errors. The term is commonly used as a synonym for manual.

Synonyms of Manual

Speller, Organ manual, Pontifical, Console, Missal, Choir, Handbook, Keyboard, Compendium, Church book, T, How-to book, Battledore, Abecedary, Guidebook, Service book, Swell, Eighty-eight, Hornbook, Alphabet book, Physical, Canon, Reference book, Torah scroll, Siddur, Companion, Echo, Cookbook, ABC, Claviature, Manual of instruction, Fingerboard, Machzor, Casebook, Labouring, Prayer book, Text, Sefer Torah, Done with ones hands, Set of instructions, Breviary, Lectionary, Vade mecum, Ritual, Torah, Solo, Virginal, Guide, Farse, Rituale, Instructions, Guidebook, Ordinal, Keys, Travel book, Euchologion, Great, Instructions, Guide, Textbook, Field guide, Grammar, Formulary, Pedals, Spelling book, Primer, Piano keys, Blue-collar, Workbook, Schoolbook, Handbook, Cookery book, Abecedarium, Directions, Instruction book, Nature book, Litany, Rubric, Euchology, Exercise book, Ivories, Gradus, Enchiridion, Reader

How to use Manual in a sentence?

  1. The transmission of your new car is manual because you value the driving experience more than the automatic.
  2. Computer manual
  3. Strict suspension and more accurate steering made me feel like a part of the car, which I usually attach to the manual.
  4. The same shape is often imitated on the limbs, the pedals lift the trunk with the bass and the manual.
  5. I decided to keep my track change from 98 in the constitution so that I would always be in charge of the people on the ice.
  6. A good guide on how to use all of your tools will make your employees' job much easier.
  7. Manual skills

Meaning of Manual & Manual Definition


MANUAL: What is the Meaning of MANUAL?

  • MANUAL definition is: Books issued by insurance companies or underwriting companies or associations or rating agencies that provide underwriting rates, ratings, and rules.

  • A book that covers the rules and regulations and covers some areas of insurance (fire, glass, ship's interior). Appropriate rating agencies, insurance companies usually issue insurance companies to cover special programs or private issuers such as Simplifox, predefined policy summaries and premiums and fees are issued.

Meanings of MANUAL

  1. A manual, especially for running a machine or studying a subject. , A manual.

  2. Vehicles with manual delivery.

  3. One-handed limb keyboard

  4. Relative or handmade

Sentences of MANUAL

  1. A stronger suspension and more accurate steering made me feel like a part of the car, which I usually attach to the manual.

  2. The same shape is often imitated on the limb, with the pedals bass and keyboard handling the treble line.

  3. Skills Skills

Synonyms of MANUAL

done with one's hands