Definition of Manipulation:

  1. Disaster is also difficult for manipulators as the number and number of market participants increases. Small company stock prices, such as penny stocks, are easy to manipulate because they are not closely monitored by analysts and other market participants, such as medium and large companies. This manipulation is known as price manipulation, stock manipulation and market manipulation.

  2. Law: Be a liar or deceiver for fraud.

  3. Market manipulation means artificially raising or lowering the price of a security or influencing market behavior for personal gain. Destruction is illegal in most cases, but can be difficult for detectives and other authorities to detect, as in the case of collective accounts.

  4. Common: Careful, knowledgeable or skillful use of tools or situations

Synonyms of Manipulation

Expedients, Influence, Complot, Conspiracy, Contrivance, Accounting, Little game, Running, Touching, Nonlinear calibrations, Steerage, Pressure, Execution, Workings, Behind-the-scenes influence, Working, Record keeping, The conn, Bear raid, Leading, Fact distribution, Oral-genital stimulation, Bestiality, Control, Performing, Intrigue, The wheel, Forecasts, Plotting, Underplot, Wash sale, Lead, Counterplot, Maneuvering, Practice, Engineering, Fingering, Palpation, Tactics, Sodomy, Masturbation, Complicity, Monopoly, Managing, Schemery, The helm, Washing, Scheme, Performance, Utilization, Inspection, Self-abuse, Guidance, Authority, Braking, Finesse, Coordination, Corner, Action, Wire-pulling, Maneuvers, Friction, Government, Employment, Caressing, Pederasty, Frottage, Operancy, Processing, Cunnilingus, Managery, Stroking, Hand job, Agency, Raid, Work, Irrumation, Machination, Regulation, Web of intrigue, Command, Using, Functioning, Deep-laid plot, Fellatio, Petting, Political influence, Exercise, Corner in, Management, Onanism, Covin, Exploitation, Occupation, Driving, Feeling, Contriving, Operation, Game, Devices, Frame-up, Pilotage, Stratagem, Output measurement, Connivance, Scheming, Tactical maneuvers, Anal intercourse, Husbandry, Handling, Rubbing, Responsibility, Buggery, Cabal, Bull raid, Fellation, Artifice, Analysis, Computation, Plot, Confederacy, Trick, Automatic electronic navigation, Supersonic flow detection, Collusion, Conduct, Governance, Ordering, Rigging, Autoeroticism, Steering, Finagling, Direction

How to use Manipulation in a sentence?

  1. The two most common types of material handling are pumping and dumping, as well as defecation and excavation.
  2. Loss is difficult to detect, but as the market grows in size, so does manipulation.
  3. His grandparents are upset because he gets what he wants and cries because of his parents' complete manipulation.
  4. Manipulation can be defined as manipulation of prices, markets and stocks.
  5. The way this person dealt with difficult situations was not noticed by everyone involved. He came out naked to find out why everyone was fighting.
  6. It is impossible to implement a project without manipulating the project manager.
  7. Currency manipulation is a deliberate devaluation of the national currency by the government.

Meaning of Manipulation & Manipulation Definition