Manipulated variable

Manipulated variable,

Definition of Manipulated variable:

  1. An independent variable that is manipulated to achieve a particular effect or tested to determine if it is the cause of the effect.

    For example, to find out if your weight depends on the amount of calories you consume, you could lower your caloric intake (calories is the manipulated variable) for a period of time and see how your weight changes in response.

How to use Manipulated variable in a sentence?

  1. Sometimes thing are not perfect, not everything is ideal, occasionally there exists a manipulated variable that affects the outcome of experiments.
  2. If you wanted to find out if an action is the cause of an event you could try using a manipulated variable to see if that is what causes it.
  3. Sometimes when a business is struggling and there is no way to know why you can use a manipulated variable to see if that is the problem.

Meaning of Manipulated variable & Manipulated variable Definition