Definition of Manifest:

  1. Display or show (a quality or feeling) by ones acts or appearance; demonstrate.

  2. Transport document that serves as a tally-sheet, and gives a detailed summary of all bills of lading (or air waybills) issued by a carrier (or its agent) for a particular voyage of a particular vessel or vehicle. For cargo carrying vessels or vehicles, a manifest lists its consignor, consignee, number, origin, destination, value, and other such information primarily for use by the customs authorities. Where the vessel or vehicle carries passengers, it lists their names, port of embarkation, port of disembarkation, etc., primarily for use by the immigration authorities.

  3. Clear or obvious to the eye or mind.

Synonyms of Manifest

Obvious, Clear, Plain, Apparent, Evident, Patent, Palpable, Distinct, Definite, Blatant, Overt, Glaring, Barefaced, Explicit, Transparent, Conspicuous, Undisguised, Unmistakable, Unquestionable, Undeniable, Noticeable, Perceptible, Visible, Recognizable, Observable, Display, Show, Exhibit, Demonstrate, Betray, Present, Evince, Reveal, Indicate, Make plain, Express, Declare, Account, Advertise, Affect, Aggrandize, Air, Apparent, Appear, Approve, Argue, Attest, Augment, Bare, Be indicative of, Be revealed, Be significant of, Be symptomatic of, Become known, Beef up, Beholdable, Bespeak, Betoken, Betray, Bill, Bill of account, Bill of fare, Bill of lading, Blatant, Blazon forth, Books, Boost, Brandish, Break forth, Break the seal, Breathe, Bring forth, Bring forward, Bring into view, Bring out, Bring to light, Bring to notice, Carte, Characterize, Check, Clear, Clear as crystal, Come out, Come to light, Compound, Comprehensible, Connote, Conspicuous, Corroborate, Crystal-clear, Dangle, Declare, Definite, Demonstrate, Denominate, Denote, Deobstruct, Detectable, Develop, Differentiate, Discernible, Disclose, Disclosed, Discover, Dismask, Display, Distinct, Divulge, Dramatize, Draw the veil, Dun, Emblazon, Embody, Enact, Enlarge, Entail, Evidence, Evident, Evince, Exhibit, Expand, Explicit, Expose, Expose to view, Exposed, Exposed to view, Express, Exteriorize, Externalize, Flash, Flaunt, Flourish, Free, Furnish evidence, Get out, Give evidence, Give indication of, Give sign, Give token, Go to show, Hanging out, Highlight, Hint, Hold up, Identify, Illuminate, Illustrate, Impart, Imply, In evidence, In full view, In plain sight, In view, Incarnate, Indicate, Indisputable, Indubitable, Insight, Invoice, Involve, Itemized bill, Lay bare, Lay open, Leak out, Ledger, Let daylight in, Let out, Magnify, Make clear, Make plain, Manifest itself, Manifold, Mark, Materialize, Mean, Menu, Multiply, Naked, Note, Noticeable, Objectify, Observable, Obvious, Open, Open to view, Open up, Open-and-shut, Out, Outcropping, Palpable, Parade, Patefy, Patent, Perceivable, Perceptible, Perform, Personalize, Personify, Perspicuous, Plain, Plain as day, Point to, Present, Proclaim, Produce, Prominent, Prove, Put forth, Put forward, Raise the curtain, Reckoning, Recognizable, Represent, Reveal, Revealed, Roll out, Score, Seeable, Self-evident, Self-explaining, Self-explanatory, Set forth, Show, Show forth, Show its colors, Show its face, Show signs of, Show up, Showing, Shown, Signalize, Signify, Speak for itself, Speak volumes, Sport, Spotlight, Stand for, Stand revealed, Statement, Straightforward, Strip bare, Substantiate, Suggest, Symptomatize, Symptomize, Tab, Tangible, Tell, Tend to show, Testify, To be seen, Token, Told, Transpire, Trot out, Trumpet, Trumpet forth, Unambiguous, Unblock, Uncase, Unclench, Uncloak, Unclog, Unclouded, Unclutch, Unconcealed, Uncork, Uncover, Uncurtain, Undisguised, Undo, Undrape, Unfold, Unfoul, Unfurl, Unhidden, Unkennel, Unlatch, Unlock, Unmask, Unmistakable, Unpack, Unplug, Unquestionable, Unroll, Unscreen, Unseal, Unsheathe, Unshroud, Unshut, Unstop, Unveil, Unwrap, Utter, Vaunt, Vent, Viewable, Visible, Visual, Voice, Wave, Witnessable

How to use Manifest in a sentence?

  1. Ray manifested signs of severe depression.
  2. The captain of the cargo ship double checked the manifest for all the containers on the ship, making sure each was accurate.
  3. Many airline companies utilize a passenger manifest , allowing them to accurately keep track of who should or should not be aboard a flight.
  4. The customs agents checked the ships manifest to see what goods were being carried on the ship, where they came from, and how much they were worth.
  5. The systems manifest failings.

Meaning of Manifest & Manifest Definition