Definition of Mandatory:

  1. Containing or constituting an authorization and/or command.

  2. Required by law or rules; compulsory.

Synonyms of Mandatory

Absolute, Authoritative, Binding, Canonical, Choiceless, Commanded, Commanding, Compelling, Compulsatory, Compulsory, Conclusive, De rigueur, Decisive, Decretory, Demanded, Dictated, Didactic, Entailed, Essential, Exigent, Final, Forced, Formulary, Hard and fast, Hard-and-fast, Imperative, Imperious, Importunate, Imposed, Indispensable, Inevitable, Instructive, Involuntary, Irrevocable, Mandated, Must, Necessary, Necessitous, Needed, Needful, Obligatory, Official, Peremptory, Preceptive, Prescribed, Prescript, Prescriptive, Regulation, Required, Requisite, Rubric, Standard, Statutory, Ultimate, Urgent, Without appeal, Without choice, Obligatory, Compulsory, Binding, Required

How to use Mandatory in a sentence?

  1. Wearing helmets was made mandatory for cyclists.

Meaning of Mandatory & Mandatory Definition