Mandated Reporters

Mandated Reporters,

What is Mandated Reporters?

  • You can define Mandated Reporters as, A professional who legally wants to report potential child abuse to authorities. In many states, counselors may be asked to disclose child abuse in counseling services, as clergy members may be appointed as reporters. Administrative members may be exclusively registered as journalists are hired under certain state laws or, indirectly, ... through an editorial team subject to the law of any affiliated journalist.

Literal Meanings of Mandated Reporters


Meanings of Mandated:
  1. A formal order or command to do something.

  2. The power to put policies into practice is considered to have been given by the voters of one of the parties or candidates who have won the elections.

  3. Empower someone to work in a certain way.

  4. (Territories) are given to (other powers) under the League of Nations mandate.

Sentences of Mandated
  1. Order to demand release of political prisoners

  2. Elections are scheduled to get a mandate for your policy

  3. The rightful king is commissioned and approved by God

Synonyms of Mandated

commission, bidding, select, authorize, order, endorsement, command, edict, nominate, choose, injunction, elect, statute, name, fiat, ordinance, ratification, acceptance, decree, mandate, appoint, direction, directive, charge, empower, designate


Meanings of Reporters:
  1. Someone who informs, especially someone who is busy covering the news or conducting a press or media interview.

Sentences of Reporters
  1. Two days later, the news broke officially and reporters from the American press traveled to Paris to interview a group that some had heard of.

Synonyms of Reporters

newsman, journalist, columnist, blogger, newswoman, newspaperman, writer, newspaperwoman, correspondent