Definition of Mandate:

  1. Approval and / or written instructions from a person, group or organization (user) to take certain actions on behalf of another person (representative). Mandatory bankruptcy, disqualification for work, termination of client or death in the event of a reversal, usually pending reversal. For example, a check is a money order issued by a bank customer and paid from the user's account as instructed.

  2. Assignment (area) under the mandate of the League of Nations.

  3. The power to implement policies or actions by voters as a winning candidate or party.

  4. Empower someone to work in a certain way.

  5. A formal order or command to do something.

Synonyms of Mandate

Settlement, Burgage, Sovereign nation, Fee fief, Writ, Trusteeship, Delegated authority, Commonweal, Injunction, Proprietary rights, Body politic, Duchy, Approval, Commissioning, Freehold, Authorization, Prepossession, Issue a writ, Search warrant, Archduchy, Occupancy, Prescription, Mandamus, Power to act, Holding, Statutory referendum, Legal claim, Capias, Property rights, Toparchia, Empower, County, Squatting, Fee tail, Bidding, Mittimus, Executorship, Satellite, Designate, Polity, Territory, Bench warrant, Interdict, Power of attorney, Proclaim, Authorize, Commonwealth, Procuration, Say the word, Call the signals, Free socage, Polis, Fee simple conditional, Purview, Cure, Republic, Ally, Facultative referendum, Agentship, Gavelkind, Vicarious authority, Brevet, Occupation, Mandatory injunction, Warrant, Dictate, Ordinance, Law, Mandant, Call on, Puppet government, Behest, Delegation, Instruction, Sultanate, Choose, Possession, Legation, Nationality, City-state, Warrant of arrest, Constitutional referendum, Empire, Socage, Nation, Initiative, Lay fee, Agency, Claim, Country, Trust, Principality, Villeinhold, Tenure, Nisi prius, Fee simple, Assignment, Direction, Responsibility, Ruling, Task, Leasehold, Mandated territory, Puppet regime, Issue a command, Captive nation, Seisin, Charge, Regentship, Command, Entrusting, Frankalmoign, Chieftaincy, Fiat, Colony, Land, Tenancy, Charge, Power, Domain, Empery, Ratification, Warrant of attorney, Habere facias possessionem, Authority, Warrant, Free city, Office, Property, Feud, Mandatory referendum, Mandate, Elect, Statute, Province, Commitment, Devolution, Fiat, Preoccupation, Superpower, Order, Directive, Lieutenancy, Legal possession, Principate, Rule, Errand, Exequatur, Having title to, Decree, Archdukedom, Give an order, Grand duchy, Fee position, Chieftainry, Fieri facias, Charge, Process, Villein socage, Original title, Appoint, Dominion, Promulgate, Lease, Bid, Tenure in chivalry, Alodium, Deputation, Ordain, Kingdom, Prohibitory injunction, Usucapion, Recall, Pronounce, Realm, Entrustment, License, De jure, Possessing, State, Toparchy, Proxy, Preoccupancy, Dukedom, Imperative, Fee simple absolute, Seneschalty, Feodum, Enjoin, Name, Order, Full power, Dependency, Plebiscitum, Word, Commission, Declare, Embassy, Depute, Title, Decree, Caveat, Injunction, Notification, Indirect initiative, Direct initiative, Command, Endorsement, Underlease, Knight service, Instruct, Empowerment, Acceptance, Edict, Sublease, Derivative title, De facto, Direct, Devolvement, Protectorate, Plenipotentiary power, Give the word, Villenage, Undertenancy, Jurisdiction, Hold, Call upon, Mandatee, Precept, Regency, Death warrant, Nominate, Select, Owning, Commission, Tenantry, Fiefdom, Bidding, Consignment, Authority, Factorship, Mandatory, Order about, Fee simple defeasible, Buffer state, Earldom, Commission, Adverse possession, Mission, Fee simple determinable, Notice, Care, Plebiscite, Referendum

How to use Mandate in a sentence?

  1. A recent and controversial order requiring all employees, regardless of gender, to adhere to the same dress code was repealed yesterday.
  2. A sick leader who lives beyond his mandate.
  3. Orders to demand release of political prisoners.
  4. The candidate is placed to kiss the baby, but he challenges a major race in the Senate and loses by surprise.
  5. Other colleges require student classes.
  6. The North Korean government has vowed that no North Korean can leave the country without first seeking permission from the government, which is difficult to find.

Meaning of Mandate & Mandate Definition