Managing General Agency (MGA)

Managing General Agency (MGA),

What is Managing General Agency (MGA)?

  1. An independent company or organization that appoints and oversees an independent agent for the insurance company using an independent agency system.

Literal Meanings of Managing General Agency (MGA)


Meanings of Managing:
  1. Executive or supervisory authority or control.

Sentences of Managing
  1. An editor-in-chief

Synonyms of Managing

acceptance, shouldering, handling, managing, tackling, taking on


Meanings of General:
  1. Influence or relation to all or many people, places or things.

  2. Consider or include key features or elements of an item and generally ignore exceptions.

  3. Boss or director

  4. A commander or high official in the army.

  5. The general public.

Sentences of General
  1. Books of general interest

  2. General introduction to this topic

  3. A general manager

  4. The strongest relationship was between military commanders and generals and officers who reported it directly.

Synonyms of General

widespread, common, extensive, universal, wide, popular, public, mainstream, prevalent, prevailing, rife, established, well established, conventional, traditional, traditionalist, orthodox, accepted, broad, imprecise, inexact, rough, sweeping, overall, loose, basic, approximate


Meanings of Agency:
  1. A company or organization set up to provide certain services usually mediates a transaction between two other parties.

  2. The process or intervention is specifically designed to achieve a certain effect.

  3. Agent status or role.

Sentences of Agency
  1. An advertising agency

  2. The river was dug by the river's water authorities

Synonyms of Agency

business, organization, company, firm, office, bureau, concern, service, action, activity, effect, influence, force, power, work


Meanings of MGA:
  1. Malagasy Arrieri