Management Fees

Management Fees,

Management Fees Definition:

The amount paid to the investment manager and / or investment advisor for investment management.

Literal Meanings of Management Fees


Meanings of Management:
  1. The process of treating or controlling someone else.

  2. Fraudulent fraud.

Sentences of Management
  1. Deer herd management

Synonyms of Management

direction, lying, deception, falsity, falseness, falsehood, running, supervision, deceit, control, duplicity, untruthfulness, management, governing, administration


Meanings of Fees:
  1. Pay (someone) for a service.

  2. Payment to a professional, professional or public body in exchange for advice or service

  3. The domain of a country, especially one that is held under the terms of feudal service.

Sentences of Fees
  1. Others are offering discounts on the purchase of software for their free online service, which is now ongoing.

  2. Legal fee £ 3000

Synonyms of Fees

handout, salary, emolument, give payment to, allowance, reward, pay, reimburse, recompense, wage, stipend, payment