Management Expenses

Management Expenses,

Management Expenses Meanings:

  1. A simple definition of Management Expenses is: Typically, management fees are deducted to generate taxable income for the company. In the case of a group company, it is important to decide to what extent the group management fee will be charged and refunded by the group members.

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Meanings of Management:
  1. The act of handling or controlling an object or person.

  2. To deceive.

Sentences of Management
  1. Deer herd management

Synonyms of Management

deception, falsehood, lying, duplicity, direction, running, governing, control, administration, deceit, falsity, supervision, management, falseness, untruthfulness


Meanings of Expenses:
  1. Incl costs or necessities of something.

  2. Compensation as a tax base (a cost item)

Sentences of Expenses
  1. Conference rooms are expensive

  2. During the year, up to 17,500 investments can be made

Synonyms of Expenses

price, cost