Managed Health Care

Managed Health Care,

What is The Meaning of Managed Health Care?

  1. The definition of Managed Health Care is: A system that connects doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers to reduce costs while providing appropriate medical services. Many systematic care systems focus on screening and case management to avoid costly treatment of diseases.

Literal Meanings of Managed Health Care


Meanings of Managed:
  1. Responsible for management (company, organization or company).

  2. Despite difficult circumstances, he managed to survive or achieve something.

Sentences of Managed
  1. Your eldest son runs the farm

  2. Catherine can sleep five hours a night.

Synonyms of Managed

survive, command, get on, organize, be at the helm of, run, oversee, get along, make do, cope, muddle along, guide, take forward, muddle through, handle, rule, fend for oneself, do all right, scrape by, be in charge of, head, superintend, be all right, fare all right, lead, carry on, govern, be head of


Synonyms of Health

physical fitness, fine fettle, good kilter, good shape, haleness, good trim, fitness, well-being, good physical condition, healthiness


Meanings of Care:
  1. Provision of what is necessary for the health, well-being, care and safety of a person or thing.

  2. Serious care or careful work is used to correct something or to avoid harm or danger.

  3. Being anxious or interested in something important.

  4. Care and satisfaction.

  5. American Relief Cooperative Everywhere, a large private organization that provides long-term and emergency assistance to people in need around the world.

Sentences of Care
  1. Take care of parents

  2. He planned his departure very carefully

  3. They do not care about human life

  4. She has many animals to take care of

Synonyms of Care

nurse, safe keeping, caution, worry, tend, watch, alertness, responsibility, observance, charge, prudence, foster, management, keeping, provide for, aegis, superintendence, control, take charge of, worry oneself, wariness, tutelage