Definition of Manage:

  1. To complete a goal or project. If you dont manage to complete your taxes by April 15th, you will likely get in trouble with the IRS..

  2. Be in charge of (a company, establishment, or undertaking); administer; run.

  3. Succeed in surviving or in attaining ones aims, especially against heavy odds; cope.

  4. To control something, such as a project, team of people, or idea. Although each employee managed their own day to day projects, the CEO managed the entire office, and all major decisions had to go through him..

Synonyms of Manage

Accomplish, Achieve, Administer, Administrate, Animal husbandry, Animal rearing, Attain, Automobiling, Be master, Be responsible for, Be so, Be such, Bed, Bed down, Bee culture, Beekeeping, Bicycling, Biking, Break, Breeding, Bridle, Bring about, Bring off, Brush, Busing, Call the signals, Captain, Care for, Carry on, Carry out, Carry through, Cattle-ranching, Chair, Chart a course, Chicken-farming, Clear, Clear the hurdle, Come along, Come on, Come out, Come through, Command, Compass, Complete, Cond, Conduct, Conn, Consummate, Contend with, Contrive, Control, Cope, Cope with, Coxswain, Curry, Currycomb, Cut the mustard, Cycling, Dairy-farming, Deal with, Direct, Discharge, Discipline, Dispatch, Dispose of, Do, Do the job, Do the trick, Do with, Dominate, Drench, Dressage, Drive, Driving, Economize, Effect, Effectuate, Eke out, Employ, Enact, Enforce economies, Engineer, Equitation, Execute, Exercise, Exert, Fare, Feed, Fetch, Fodder, Fulfill, Function, Gentle, Get along, Get along on, Get by, Get by on, Get on, Gnotobiotics, Go along, Go on, Go on with, Govern, Grazing, Groom, Guide, Hack it, Handle, Hang in, Hang tough, Harness, Have the conn, Head, Head up, Helm, Herding, Hitch, Horse training, Horseback riding, Horsemanship, Husband, Keep, Keep afloat, Keep at it, Keep within compass, Knock off, Lead, Lead on, Litter, Look after, Make, Make do, Make ends meet, Make go, Make it, Make out, Make the grade, Make the rules, Make use of, Makeshift, Manage somehow, Manage with, Maneuver, Manipulate, Mastermind, Milk, Mink-ranching, Motorcycling, Motoring, Muddle through, Navigate, Negotiate, Never say die, Officer, Operate, Ordain, Order, Oversee, Pedaling, Perform, Perform on, Persevere, Persist, Pig-keeping, Pilot, Play, Ply, Polish off, Practice, Prescribe, Preside over, Produce, Pull the strings, Put away, Put over, Put something aside, Put through, Quarterback, Realize, Regulate, Riding, Riding school, Rub down, Rule over, Run, Saddle, Save, Scrape, Scrape along, Scrape and save, Scrimp, See it through, See to, Shape a course, Shape up, Sheepherding, Skimp, Skipper, Stack up, Stagger, Stand over, Steer, Steward, Stick it out, Stick to it, Stock raising, Stockbreeding, Subsist, Succeed, Succeed in, Superintend, Supervise, Survive, Swing, Swing the deal, Take care of, Take command, Take the lead, Tame, Tend, Thremmatology, Train, Transact, Treat, Turn out, Turn the trick, Undertake, Use, Utilize, Watch over, Water, Wield, Wield authority, Work, Work out, Worry along, Yoke, Zootechnics, Zootechny, Be in charge of, Run, Be head of, Head, Direct, Control, Preside over, Lead, Govern, Rule, Command, Superintend, Supervise, Oversee, Administer, Organize, Conduct, Handle, Take forward, Guide, Be at the helm of, Cope, Get along, Get on, Make do, Be all right, Do all right, Fare all right, Carry on, Survive, Deal with the situation, Scrape along, Scrape by, Muddle along, Muddle through, Fend for oneself, Shift for oneself, Make ends meet, Weather the storm

How to use Manage in a sentence?

  1. Catherine managed on five hours sleep a night.
  2. Their elder son managed the farm.
  3. It is important to manage your time and priorities in order to stay on track with the goal to complete this project on time.
  4. I was given the task to manage the new team of employees which was a joy because they were all wonderful.
  5. Being able to properly manage people and get them in the right place at the right time is the main thing a boss can do.

Meaning of Manage & Manage Definition

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