Definition of MAN:

  1. An adult human male.

  2. Acronym for the criteria used in qualification of prospects in selling: Does the prospect: have sufficient money to pay? authority to buy? a need for the product? Also referred to as PAN for pay, authority, and need.

  3. Fortify the spirits or courage of.

  4. Used, irrespective of the sex of the person addressed, to express surprise, admiration, delight, etc., or for emphasis.

  5. A group or person in a position of authority over others, such as a corporate employer or the police.

  6. (of personnel) work at, run, or operate (a place or piece of equipment) or defend (a fortification).

  7. A figure or token used in playing a board game.

  8. A human being of either sex; a person.

Synonyms of MAN

Male, Adult male, Gentleman, Youth, Human being, Human, Person, Mortal, Individual, Personage, Soul, Achilles, Adam, Adamite, Australanthropus, Australopithecus, Barbary ape, Casanova, Chiroptera, Cro-Magnon man, David, Don Juan, Galley Hill man, Gigantopithecus, Grimaldi man, Hector, Heidelberg man, Hominidae, Homo sapiens, John Law, Lagomorpha, Lothario, Neanderthal man, Oreopithecus, Paranthropus, Peking man, Pithecanthropus, Plesianthropus, Primates, Rhodesian man, Rodentia, Roland, Romeo, Samson, Sinanthropus, Stone Age man, Swanscombe man, Zinjanthropus, A man, Accouter, Adherent, Adult, Amoroso, Angwantibo, Anthropoid ape, Ape, Appendage, Appoint, Arm, Armor, Armor-plate, Aye-aye, Baboon, Bank, Barricade, Battle, Beau, Being, Benedict, Bishop, Blockade, Bloke, Bluecoat, Body, Boy, Boyfriend, Brave, Buck, Bull, Bulldog, Bulwark, Butler, Caballero, Capuchin, Castellate, Castle, Cat, Cavalier, Cavaliere servente, Caveman, Chacma, Chap, Character, Chauffeur, Chessman, Chimpanzee, Chutzpanik, Clay, Coachman, Cop, Cover, Creature, Crenellate, Crew, Cuss, Customer, Dangler, Decorated hero, Demigod, Demigoddess, Dependent, Dig in, Disciple, Dress, Drill, Driver, Duck, Dummy, Earthling, Embattle, Entellus, Entrench, Eolithic man, Equerry, Equip, Esquire, Fallen humanity, Fancy man, Fellow, Fence, Fighting cock, Figurehead, Fit, Fit out, Fit up, Flame, Flatfoot, Flesh, Flunky, Follower, Fortify, Furnish, Fuzz, Gallant, Galoot, Gamecock, Gardener, Garrison, Gear, Gee, Geezer, Generation of man, Gent, Gentleman, Genus Homo, Gibbon, Gigolo, Gillie, Good soldier, Goodman, Goody, Goon, Gorilla, Groundling, Grown man, Grownup, Guenon, Guereza, Guy, Hand, Hanger-on, Hanuman, He, Head, Heat, Heel, Heeler, Henchman, Hero, Heroine, Him, His, Hombre, Hominid, Homme, Homo, Houseboy, Houseman, Hubby, Human, Human being, Human family, Human nature, Human race, Human species, Humanity, Humankind, Husband, Inamorato, Individual, Jackal, Joker, King, Knight, Lackey, Lady-killer, Langur, Le genre humain, Legalis homo, Lemur, Life, Lion, Living soul, Lord, Lord-in-waiting, Love-maker, Macaque, Major, Male, Male being, Male person, Male sex, Man of courage, Man the garrison, Mandrill, Manhood, Mankind, Manservant, Marmoset, Married man, Masculine, Master, Mature man, Men, Menfolk, Menfolks, Mine, Minion, Mister, Mortal, Mortal flesh, Mortality, Mortals, Mountain gorilla, Munition, Myrmidon, Necker, Neolithic man, No chicken, Nose, Officer, Old man, One, Orang, Orangutan, Outfit, Paladin, Palisade, Paramour, Party, Pawn, People, Person, Personage, Personality, Petter, Philanderer, Piece, Pig, Prepare, Proboscis monkey, Puppet, Queen, Race of man, Retainer, Rhesus, Rig, Rig out, Rig up, Rook, Saki, Satellite, Seducer, Servant, Shadow, Sheik, Single, Skate, Snap, Somebody, Someone, Soul, Squire, Staff, Stalwart, Stooge, Sugar daddy, Swain, Sword side, Sycophant, Tagtail, Tellurian, Terran, The brave, Thug, Tiger, Turn out, Valet, Valet de chambre, Valiant, Valiant knight, Votary, Wall, Ward heeler, Woman, Worldling, Young man, Staff, Crew, Occupy, People

How to use MAN in a sentence?

  1. The firemen manned the pumps and fought the blaze.
  2. God cares for all races and all men.
  3. A small man with mischievous eyes.

Meaning of MAN & MAN Definition