Definition of Malpractice:

  1. Dereliction of duty due to negligence or incompetence by a professional or institution, specially a health practitioner (doctor, surgeon, psychiatrist, psychologist, nurse, etc.) or a hospital.

Synonyms of Malpractice

Abuse, Abuse of office, Bad policy, Befoulment, Conversion, Corrupt administration, Crime, Criminal tendency, Criminality, Criminosis, Debasement, Defalcation, Defilement, Desecration, Diversion, Embezzlement, Evil courses, Evildoing, Feloniousness, Fouling, Impolicy, Inexpedience, Inexpediency, Lawbreaking, Maladministration, Malfeasance, Malversation, Misadministration, Misapplication, Misappropriation, Misconduct, Misdemeanor, Misdirection, Misdoing, Misemployment, Misfeasance, Misgovernment, Misguidance, Mishandling, Mismanagement, Misprision, Misprision of treason, Misrule, Misusage, Misuse, Neglect, Negligence, Nonfeasance, Omission, Peculation, Perversion, Pilfering, Pollution, Poor stewardship, Positive misprision, Profanation, Prostitution, Sin, Thou scarlet sin, Vice, Viciousness, Violation, Wrong conduct, Wrongdoing

Meaning of Malpractice & Malpractice Definition



  1. The definition of Malpractice is: Professional error, negligence or carelessness in the performance of professional actions. In addition, the term refers to a type of occupational compensation insurance coverage that also applies to doctors, surgeons, accountants, lawyers, architects and engineers.

  2. Generally do not reach the level of qualification and should be expected from a professional. Improper or illegal treatment, such as in medicine or surgery, including the elimination of prescribed treatments. Embezzlement: An illegal or unlawful act, especially by employees. Offense: Violation of a legally prescribed act, improper execution of a legal act.

  3. Alleged mistakes or omissions in professional practice that result in loss or injury.

  4. Improper or unethical conduct in the performance of their professional duties, whether intentional or through negligence or ignorance, is commonly used by accountants, tax advisers and lawyers to perform their duties negligently or recklessly. There are times when professionalism is required.

Meanings of Malpractice

  1. Improper, illegal or negligent professional activity or treatment, especially by doctors, lawyers or government officials.

Sentences of Malpractice

  1. Victim of medical malpractice

Synonyms of Malpractice

unethical behaviour, professional misconduct, breach of ethics, unprofessional behaviour, unprofessionalism, dereliction of duty