Male Turkey Name

Male Turkey Name

What is the name of the male turkey?

Male Male Name for Turkey

Male elephants are called cats.

The female turkey is called a hen.

It's called Blair

Women are known as chickens. Males have long necks, long legs, large legs and wider legs than females.

During the growing season, bubble heads turn from blue to red eyes. During the breeding season, an annual turkey is known as Jack and the male as Tom.

Jacks usually weigh 9 to 14 pounds. On average, men weigh between 16 and 22 pounds.

Did you know that chickens are characterized by their ability to reproduce regularly, which is as rare as higher breeds. In the absence of the male, the female lays eggs.

Jones Pumpkin

Male Turkey Name

Male Turkey Name

I think he has something to do with Tom Franklin, he wanted Turkey to be national, but Jefferson wanted an eagle and I think Franklin called the truck Tom Jefferson again.


Male Turkey Name

Male Turkey Name

One accent

Man = accent

Girl = chicken

A deer.

I see Americans giving irrelevant answers. They are called deer in Britain.

Male Turkey Name