Male chauvinism

Male chauvinism,

Definition of Male chauvinism:

  1. Male prejudice against women; the belief that men are superior in terms of ability, intelligence, etc.

  2. The unsubstantiated belief that males are superior to females in the workplace. Those who practice this belief typically disparage, denigrate or otherwise humiliate female employees.

Synonyms of Male chauvinism

Jim Crow, Jim Crow law, Anti-Semitism, Apartheid, Black power, Black supremacy, Chauvinism, Class consciousness, Class distinction, Class hatred, Class prejudice, Class war, Color bar, Color line, Discrimination, Fascism, Know-nothingism, Male chauvinist, Minority prejudice, Race hatred, Race prejudice, Race snobbery, Racial discrimination, Racialism, Racism, Red-baiting, Segregation, Sex discrimination, Sexism, Social barrier, Social discrimination, Superpatriotism, Ultranationalism, White power, White supremacy, Xenophobia

How to use Male chauvinism in a sentence?

  1. A bastion of male chauvinism.

Meaning of Male chauvinism & Male chauvinism Definition