Make Whole Call Provision

Make Whole Call Provision,

How Do You Define Make Whole Call Provision?

  • The repurchase clause is a type of clause for the purchase of securities which allows the issuer to pay the outstanding balance in advance. As a rule, the issuer must pay the investor at the same time. Payments are derived from a formula based on the default coupon payment net present value (NPV) and the principal that the investor will receive.

    • A repurchase clause is a type of bond repurchase that allows the issuer to repay the remaining debt in advance.
    • Payments are derived from a formula based on the default coupon payment net present value (NPV) and the principal that the investor will receive.
    • Issuers generally do not expect to take advantage of this type of call option clause and stock calls are rarely made.
    • An entire call is better for investors than a standard purchase.

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