Definition of Majority:

  1. The age when a person is legally considered a full adult, in most contexts either 18 or 21.

  2. More than half of a total.

  3. The greater number.

  4. The rank or office of a major.

  5. Alternative term for legal age.

Synonyms of Majority

Coming of age, Legal age, Seniority, Adulthood, Manhood, Womanhood, Maturity, Larger number, Larger part, Greater number, Greater part, Major part, Best part, Better part, Main part, Most, More than half, Accomplishment, Adulthood, Adultness, Age of consent, Ascendancy, Best part, Better part, Body, Bulk, Deanship, Driving age, Essence, Excellence, Favor, Flower of age, Full age, Full bloom, Full growth, Fullgrownness, Generality, Gist, Gravamen, Greatness, Grown-upness, Incomparability, Inimitability, Lead, Legal age, Legalis homo, Main body, Major part, Manhood, Manlihood, Mass, Mature age, Maturity, Meat, More than half, Most, One-upmanship, Plurality, Precedence, Predominance, Predomination, Preeminence, Preponderance, Preponderancy, Prepotence, Prepotency, Prerogative, Prestige, Prime, Prime of life, Priority, Privilege, Right-of-way, Ripe age, Riper years, Seniority, Skill, Substance, Success, Superiority, The greatest number, Thrust, Toga virilis, Transcendence, Transcendency, Virility, Virtuosity, Womanhood, Womanlihood, Years of discretion

How to use Majority in a sentence?

  1. Kids get control of the money when they reach the age of majority.
  2. In the majority of cases all will go smoothly.

Meaning of Majority & Majority Definition

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