Maintenance, Cure, And Wages

Maintenance, Cure, And Wages,

What is The Definition of Maintenance, Cure, And Wages?

  1. A concept of the general law of the sea that defines the duty that a ship owner must have on his crew. The definition of the term is as follows.

    • Maintenance: Maintenance Ltd. A proper working and maintenance environment that must be available to ships, including rooms and meals, but not limited to them.
    • Healing: Medical treatment aimed at healing, at least as far as medical science can offer. Also known as over-the-counter medical treatment, ships have to pay for accidents and diseases such as appendicitis, which are not normally covered by state compensation laws. Free or low-cost medical care in areas where public health services are available.
    • Salary: The sailor usually pays during the illness, but not after the end of the trip. On ships throughout the year and in inland waters, pay may not exceed one year, termination of contract or period of illness, whichever is shorter. In the case of the next written process, the seabed should take action.

Literal Meanings of Maintenance, Cure, And Wages


Sentences of Maintenance
  1. A prerequisite for maintaining democratic rule

Synonyms of Maintenance

nurture, life support, continuation, continuance, conservation, feeding, prolongation, carrying on, perpetuation, continuity, preservation, keeping up


Meanings of Cure:
  1. To relieve the symptoms of a disease or condition (personal or animal).

  2. Preservation (meat, fish, tobacco or animal skin) in a variety of ways, such as salty, dry or smoked.

  3. Substances or medicines that treat a disease or condition.

  4. Strict process for rubber, plastic or other materials.

  5. Areas of responsibility for pastoral positions or Christian ministry.

  6. A pastor from a French-speaking country or region.

Sentences of Cure
  1. He recovered from his illness

  2. Homemade

  3. Find a cure for the common cold

  4. Benefits including health of the soul

  5. At the foot of the Catholic Church are about 50,000 priests and their assistants.

Synonyms of Cure

curative, pickle, corrective, medicament, antidote, smoke, remedy, make better, restorative, antiserum, make well, salt, heal, restore to health, dry, medication, medicine, treat successfully, kipper, preserve, rehabilitate, restore


Meanings of And:
  1. It is used to connect words to a single part of a language, clause or phrase that needs to be included.

  2. It is used to offer additional comments or penalties.

  3. It is used instead of "to" to indicate intention after some verbs and before other verbs.

  4. Boolean operator who returns if and only if all the work is the same and zero.

Synonyms of And

not to mention, also, added to, coupled with, and, besides, with, along with, too, as well as, including, in addition to, together with


Meanings of Wages:
  1. Fixed and fixed payments for work or services, usually paid daily or weekly.

  2. Next (war or campaign)

Sentences of Wages
  1. We are fighting for better wages

  2. We must eliminate your fighting ability

Synonyms of Wages

pay, stipend, engage in, allowance, devote oneself to, salary, payment, conduct, emolument, honorarium, go on with, proceed with, undertake, remuneration, carry on, execute, pursue, prosecute, fee, practise