Definition of Maintain:

  1. Be clear about what you want to confirm.

  2. Update or always update. Her job is to keep a schedule, so she updates it every Friday with her weekly shift.

  3. Providing the necessities of life or existence.

  4. Reason or permission to continue (condition or circumstances)

  5. Confirm as fact. Defendant further claimed that he defended himself.

  6. Save it or keep it for your own care. To maintain your vehicle properly, you need to change the oil every 3,000 miles.

Synonyms of Maintain

Aver, Allege in support, Warrant, Keep, Esteem, Stand drinks, Riposte, Provide, Estimate, Hold on, Argue, Bolster, Contend, Subsist, Uphold, Not waste, Have a hunch, Take no denial, Finance, Imagine, Underset, Defy time, Reinforce, Fancy, Stay on, Keep, Speak up, Patent, Assume, Support, Prolong, Endow, Extend, Urge, Enunciate, Lay down, Argue, Last, Not destroy, Keep going, Afford support, Testify, Keep inviolate, Present, Underlie, Surmise, Announce, Stress, Repress, Contribute, Avow, Defend, Not expend, Shore, Last long, Claim, Persist, Invest, Give support, Espouse, Asseverate, Say in defense, Take, Pay the bill, Spare, Perennate, Be afraid, View as, Proclaim, Set up, Reply, Keep going, Survive, Treat, Stand up for, Speak up for, Subventionize, Make available, Tarry, Vindicate, Bottle up, Give, Conceive, Bolster, Assert, Hold to, Trow, Nurture, Remain, Manage, Declare, Bear, Finance, Stand to, Perpetuate, Hold in, Afford, Keep safe, Provide for, Keep in, Announce, Sustain, Fund, Carry, Wear, Brook no denial, Reckon, Retain, Buttress, Suppose, Copyright, Blow to, Bide, Dwell, Contend, Suspect, Inhibit, Supply, Bear, Set down as, Prop up, Abide, Sustain, Back up, Look upon as, Care for, Allege, Vouchsafe, Upkeep, Stand for, Recruit, Opine, Insist on, Crutch, Undergird, Justify, Hold out, Perpetuate, Manifesto, Answer, Express, Annunciate, Bolster up, Continue to be, Fill, Conserve, Endure, Carry on, Protract, Submit, Affirm, Deem, Lend support, Preserve, Swear, Stick up for, Swear to, Right, Champion, Keep alive, Live on, Back, Press, Say, Continue, Clothe, Insist on, Hold up, Regard, Aver, Take care of, Retain, Keep, Perdure, Correct, Preserve, Subsidize, Stock, Lengthen, Save, Avow, Issue a manifesto, Pronounce, Underbrace, Cultivate, Speak, Treat to, Furnish, Speak out, Think, Set down, Protect, Bear out, Protest, Carry on, Live, Shore up, Guard, Donate, Cradle, Make a plea, Look after, Account as, Go treat, Allege, Save up, Run on, Accommodate, Make provision for, Plead for, Exist, Keep up, Buoy up, Keep afloat, Protest, Keep up, Stand by, Keep intact, Live through, Contend for, Register, Rectify, Have an idea, Brace, Put it, Avouch, Speak for, Not use up, Wear well, Argue for, Affirm, Cork up, Keep alive, Refute, Last out, Go on, Hold as, Consider, Take it, Keep in existence, Daresay, Presume, Declare, Mainstay, Husband, Prepare, Support, Suppress, Upbear, Urge reasons for, Cushion, Fight for, Stick to, Have, Bolster up, Underpin, Provide for, Hold, Subvention, Prop, Stay, State, Prop up, Run, Expect, Insist upon, Stand, Stand treat, Respond, Counter, Support, Replenish, Have an inkling, Shoulder, Prevail, Have the idea, Persist in, Profess, Predicate, Pillow, Take for, Say, Ween, State, Not endanger, Fill up, Assert, Yield, Claim, Advocate, Insist, Prolong, Stand on, Assever, Tide over, Guess, Insist, Emphasize, Store, Bear up, Conserve, Put, Rebut, Keep on, Find, Lock in, Profess, Continue, Judge, Defeat time, Have an impression

How to use Maintain in a sentence?

  1. The senator hires a team of workers to take care of his home and property while he and his family are on vacation.
  2. Scholarships include the basic costs of helping a child.
  3. It's always important to follow your company's strict ethics to make sure everything goes smoothly.
  4. You have to take care of your car. Otherwise, it will start to deteriorate and fall. Repair costs are too high or unaffordable.
  5. The need to maintain close links between industry and schools.
  6. He always maintains his innocence.

Meaning of Maintain & Maintain Definition