Main Driver Or Rider

Main Driver Or Rider,

Main Driver Or Rider:

  1. The person who drives or drives the car the most. You need to tell your insurers who you are, how they will consider you when you calculate the value of your policy. If you make a claim and your insurer determines that the driver or passenger is not the person you instructed to insure, they will refuse to pay the claim or terminate your policy. Can do

Literal Meanings of Main Driver Or Rider


Meanings of Main:
  1. Guide in size or importance.

  2. The main pipe that carries water or gas to buildings or gutters.

  3. Open sea.

  4. Main cell or main mast joint

  5. (In the game) The number (5, 6, 7, 8 or 9) that the player calls before rolling the dice.

  6. Fight between the tails.

  7. A river in southwestern Germany that rises in northern Bavaria and flows 500 km west from Frankfurt to the Rhine Mains.

Sentences of Main
  1. Main road

  2. Broken gas line

Synonyms of Main

principal, chief, head, leading, foremost, most important, major, ruling, dominant, central, focal, key, prime, master, premier, primary, first, high, grand, fundamental, supreme, predominant, prominent, most prominent, pre-eminent, paramount, overriding, cardinal


Meanings of Driver:
  1. The person who drives the car.

  2. The other part of the wheel or mechanism that receives direct energy and transfers the movement to the other part.

  3. Factors that cause or develop certain phenomena.

  4. A smooth wooden golf club was used to brew tea.

Sentences of Driver
  1. The rear and rear wheels should be the same for the other two points in a system and the other.

  2. The real motivation for investment is the hope of achieving this monopoly

  3. If you hit 10 golf balls with your driver at the driving range, you will increase the eighth stroke.

Synonyms of Driver



Meanings of Or:
  1. Used to connect alternatives.

  2. Offering synonyms or explaining previous words or phrases.

  3. If not (represents the consequences of not doing or not doing)

  4. Usually in the form of a question, provide a reflection.

  5. This

  6. A Boolean operator that has at least one operand (or input) and otherwise zero.

  7. Heraldic texture as golden or yellow.

  8. Operational research.

  9. Oregon (in postal use)

  10. Another patent (designated officer)

Sentences of Or
  1. A cup of tea or coffee

  2. Spy novel or, as the trade is known, suspension

  3. Hurry up or you'll lose everything

  4. John's indifference, right? - He got confused

  5. The only way to know God or human beings is through love

Synonyms of Or

or else, or, if not


Meanings of Rider:
  1. A person who can ride or ride a bicycle, especially a horse, bicycle, motorcycle or snowboard.

  2. A condition or reservation that includes something that has already been said or asked about.

  3. A small load on the balance beam for fine adjustment.

Sentences of Rider
  1. Two horsemen approached the cottage

  2. Agreed Driver: If the storm moves north, we will run for cover

Synonyms of Rider

horseman, horsewoman, rider, horse rider, jockey, conditions, qualifications, provisions, provisos, caveats, stipulations, riders, contingencies, prerequisites, limitations, limits, constraints, restrictions, reservations, requirements, obligations