Mail order

Mail order,

Definition of Mail order:

  1. The selling of goods to customers by mail, generally involving selection from a special catalog.

  2. Method of selling in which buyers and sellers do not make face-to-face contact. Mail order firms (also called direct mail firms) use personalized letters and catalogs (disparagingly called junk mail) mailed on the basis of highly specialized address lists (called mailing lists) sold by mailing research firms. They also generate enquiries and orders through advertisements in suitable media including internet. Except industrial equipment and too bulky goods, almost everything is sold through mail order, generally at lower than retail store prices.

How to use Mail order in a sentence?

  1. Available by mail order only.

Meaning of Mail order & Mail order Definition

Mail Order,

Mail Order Definition:

  • Purchase and sale of goods on the Internet by telephone, catalogs, etc., which are delivered to customers by mail.

Literal Meanings of Mail Order


Meanings of Mail:
  1. Send by postal system (letters or parcels).

  2. Letters and parcels are sent through the postal system.

  3. Armor with flexible metal rings or plates

Sentences of Mail
  1. By submitting a coupon, you will receive a free trial pack

  2. I have not received any email

  3. Chain letter

Synonyms of Mail

remit, send, coat of mail, chain mail, chain armour, airmail, send by mail, armour, transmit, forward, direct, dispatch, email


Meanings of Order:
  1. Give instructions or instructions that you are authorized to do something.

  2. Order (something) to be made, provided or presented.

  3. Arrange (some) accordingly.

  4. Arranging or arranging people or things in relation to each other by a particular order, pattern or method.

  5. Government orders, instructions or directives.

  6. A particular social, political or economic system.

  7. An association of monks, priests, nuns, etc., which lives according to certain principles and religious and social subjects, and at least some of its members make strong supplications. A society of knights bound by common rules and with military prowess and monastic character. Merit Free Mason or similar fraternal organization.

  8. The quality, nature or meaning of something.

  9. Central classification types below class and above family.

  10. One of the five classic architectural styles based on column proportions, number of decorations, etc. (Dork, Ionic, Corinthian, Tuscan and Composite).

  11. Equipment or uniforms for a particular use or type.

  12. The degree of complexity of an equation, expression, etc., indicated by a sequence number.

Sentences of Order
  1. He told me to go

  2. My friend booked his ticket last week

  3. All entries are sorted by date

  4. I sorted alphabetically

  5. I will not accept requests from easy moderators

  6. If only the farmers stood up against the order

Synonyms of Order

tell, dictate, direction, commandment, scale, straighten out, pecking order, sort out, vintage, send away for, brotherhood, style, charge, type, kind, set in order, breed, marshal, class, put in order, apply for, place an order for, class system, system, send off for, decree, dispose, edict